You and Your Pet both like the feeling of a massage, and our Glove Brush makes it easy and efficiant to groom and massage at the same time.

Mr. Peanut's grooming glove is easy-to-use, speeds up grooming and makes it relaxing and enjoyable for your pet.

Just slip your hand in and it works with either left or right hands, then tighten the wristband and work through your pet's fur.

✔ Daily pet brushing and massaging
✔ De-tangling matted fur
✔ Finishing shine on coats
✔ Nylon mesh liner is fast drying
✔ Gentle rounded tips
✔ Adjustable wristband and Comfortable Fit
✔ Easy to clean

• Length 9 inches
• Width 6.5 inches

• Rubber + Breathable Mesh cloth.
• Adjustable Velcro strap

Gentle rubber massages and stimulates circulation.
Removes loose pet hair, and traps it in the glove so that no fur goes flying.
Stop chasing your pet! Let them come to you for grooming they'll love.
Perfect for all coat types, long or short hair, wet or dry. Adjustable Velcro strap fits all hands.

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♥ 100% Money Back Guarantee! Mr. Peanut's® BEST PET GROOMING GLOVE
REMOVES LOOSE PET HAIR and traps it in the glove and quickly collects fur with effortless clean up and removal from the mitt RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS * Perfect for All Coat Types - long or short hair, wet or dry and adjustable velcro strap fits all size hands with flexible mesh * DESIGNED WITH SOFT RUBBER TIPS to gently fix nasty tangles and mats while lifting dirt and dust from the fur, IT IS WASHABLE, Simply dry under the Sun after using WE PAY IT FORWARD by donating a percentage of gross profits to animal welfare organizations, animal shelters and rescues of all kinds and in all areas UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTY - A commitment to excellent products, and to your satisfaction with them. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply email us and we will replace or refund your purchase QUALITY AND TESTING - We use our products with our own pets, and we test and improve our products constantly to provide you the absolute best quality at the most excellent every day price possible. Even our no-frills packaging is designed to ensure your product is delivered as expected and to pass on the savings

Mr. Peanut's Pet Grooming Glove Brush for Either Hand, Deshedding Tool, For Long and Short Hair Grooming of Dogs, Horses, Bunnies & Some Agreeable Cats, Pet Massage & Bathing Brush & Comb

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