Cat, Dog and Horse Grooming Glove Brush Perfect For Long & Short Hair Anti-Shedding Pet Grooming!!

Forget your excess pet hairs scattered in your home!

¿Are you tired of finding pet hair all over your furniture, food, and clothes?

¿Do you have trouble getting your dog or cat does not move during brushing?

¿Are you tired of having to take daily pet hair out of clothes?

¿Are you tired of petting your pet and always be full of hair?

We present the Pet Epic!

The Pet Epic is engineered safely and gently remove your pet's loose dead hair. No more chasing your cat, or wrestling your dog; Your pet will love it. Best of all - you don't have to put up with shedding any more!

Also it works very well as horse brush. Spend time with your horse massaging and cleaning it.

Benefits & Features

►Easy Remove dull dead hair from your pet's under coat, revealing a healthy, shiny outer coat.

►Stop shedding by removing excess hair.

►No more chasing your pet! With this grooming glove they'll come to you!

►Traps excess hair in mitt.

►Cleans and softens coat.

►Daily pet brushing and massaging

►Removes mats and tangles.

►Gentle rubber massages and stimulates circulation.

►Easy to use and clean, wet or dry .

►Gentle rubber massages and stimulates circulation. Made of 100% recyclable material.


Order more than one pet grooming glove, you will have a good gift for a friend !! This is the best pet groomer

PET GROOMING GLOVE BRUSH AVAILABLE - Perfect for Long and Short Hair - Removes excess loose pet hair and traps it in the glove so that no fur goes flying. For Dogs, Cats and Horses. Your pet loves petting HIGH QUALITY - This Pet Hair Remover is Made of soft silicone nubs and breathable mesh the pet grooming glove is among the best pet grooming tools the market has to offer. keep pets happy healthy clean and smelling great while providing for day-to-day grooming needs and quickly remove unhealthy, dead hair, dirt and dander, protects the skin FOR ALL HANDS - It is perfect for big and small hands. Adjustable velcro strap fits all hands easly. The Pet grooming mitt is made of a flexible and comfortable material. It will make your pet enjoy the brush, while being cleaned and massaged. Comfortable, flexible mesh fits any hand. Gentle Pet hair remover cleaner roller BEST PET MASSAGER - Stop chasing your pet! Let them come to you for gently grooming they'll love. This Pet Grooming Glove does not hurt as typical rakes and also It works as comb. Highly effective - Also it works as cow brush and pigh brush. Money-back satisfaction guarantee - THE BETTER CAT DOG HORSE LIVESTOCK Brush Deshedding Grooming Tool is perfect for all coat types long or short hair It can be used wet or dry. Before during and after bath. This mit is perfect for large, medium and small pets. Stimulates circulation. Dog groomers combs for furry skin.

Pet Epic Pet Grooming Glove Brush - Pet Hair Remove and Bathing Mitt for Dogs, Cats and Horses - Clean and Massage At Once

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